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Founded in 1904, the Association of American Boyers, Inc. is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization. The mission of the Association, as noted in its constitution, is to educate, hold reunions, and to foster, encourage, and develop the family spirit of the Boyer people. We support this mission by cultivating family ties at reunions, and educating the Boyer family through the publication of our histories and genealogical records.

The first Boyer family gathering was held on August 20, 1905, in a grove near Christ (Mertz) Church at Dryville, Berks County, PA. The reunion was organized by the family of the late Daniel W. Boyer (3-AZ38) in honor of his widow, Mrs. Judith Youse Boyer. From this beginning, the gathering became an annual event, and quickly enlarged to include all Boyer/Beyer families, other name variations (35+) and their descendants.

The intent of our website is to help you begin your journey or assist you with your research by providing you some directions along the road to your family’s origins.

Within this site you can find information on:

  • History of the Boyers (from the 1st edition of American Boyers, 1915)
  • Name derivations that we recognize and research
  • Our publications (Books, Newsletters, Memorial Lists), both past and present
  • Galleries (Variety of Images with video and audio planned)
  • Reunions, past and future
  • Get Involved – How you can help with a number of projects that are in the works.

and More!

The bottom line is that the Association exists for your interest and through your help. Please use the contact form HERE and let us know if we can provide assistance in your family journey.

2024 Boyer Reunion is Cancelled for this year

Sorry for the late notice. A number of unexpected events has required that we cancel the reunion for this year. We are confidant that we will be able to have one next year. Keep checking back on this website as information gets updated.  If you are interested in helping plan please let us know through the contact page or direct email as noted at the bottom of the page.

Looking to our Future, while providing a path to our Past

Website Updates

Look here for web site updates

Volume 8 Update

Latest news on the publication of Volume 8 of the 7th edition and more.

American Boyer Indices Project

We can use your help!

Past Reunions & Memorabilia Project

Old Photos? Papers? Stuff? We may need it!

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