Since its beginning, the Association of American Boyers has endeavored to gather and make available as much Boyer genealogical information as possible available to all interested parties through the publication of our Boyer books. From the 1st edition in 1915 to the current 7th edition this has only been possible through the tireless work of our past and current historian(s) (Donald A. Boyer, 10-BA132532151) and countless family genealogists who have volunteered their findings.

Below is a table of all of the editions published or in planning. You can click on the PDF in the table to see a copy of the table of contents for that volume (if available). It should be noted that subsequent editions take precedence over earlier editions as large amounts of new information and corrections drastically change many of the chapters and Boyer lines. That said, we recommend using the latest edition (the 7th) for research.

EditionPublishedPagesAuthorNotesTable of Contents
1st1915532Dr. Charles Clinton Boyer
2nd191662Dr. Charles Clinton BoyerAddenda – Added to the 1st edition book
3rd191818Dr. Charles Clinton BoyerAddenda – Added to the 1st edition book
4th192464Dr. Charles Clinton BoyerAddenda – Added to the 1st edition book
5th1940664Melville James BoyerFull new edition
6th1963334Melville James BoyerPaperback supplement to 5th edition
7th – Vol. 11984646Donald Arthur BoyerChapters 1[AA] to 7 [AG] (18,842 names)PDF
7th – Vol. 21986670Donald Arthur BoyerChapters 8 [AH] to 24 [AX] (19,073 names)PDF
7th – Vol. 31992776Donald Arthur BoyerChapters 25 [AY] to 31 [BE] (23,146 names)PDF
7th – Vol. 419981095Donald Arthur BoyerChapters 32 [BF] to 48 [BV] (36,594 names)PDF
7th – Vol. 520001100Donald Arthur BoyerChapters 49 [BW] to 124 [ET] (37,096 names)PDF
7th – Vol. 620021126Donald Arthur BoyerChapters 125 [EU] to 213 [IE] (35,564 names)PDF
7th – Vol. 720041200Donald Arthur BoyerChapters 214 [IF] to 416 [PZ] (33,120 names)PDF
7th – Vol. 8In development Donald Arthur BoyerTo be determined
7th – Vol. 9, 10, 11In development Donald Arthur Boyer and William L. BoyerIndices and Appendices of Boyer information

Any editions prior to the current 7th edition are out of print, but may be found on the secondary market at potentially significant prices through such places as eBay or (The Association does have any affiliation with these sites and only provides this information to assist in your search).

“I know which 7th edition volume I am in, how do I order?” 

All volumes of the 7th edition are available for purchase. The price is $50 per volume plus $7.50 for shipping and handling costs. We only accept checks or money orders at this time. If you know what volume your line is in then you can you can click HERE and choose “Books” on the form to request a price quote and check volume availability.

“Where am I or my line in the 7th edition?”

If you are not sure where you are in the histories then we should be able to help. Click HERE and choose “Research Inquiry” on the contact form. It is highly recommended that you include as much information as you can, especially birth dates, spouse’s maiden name, etc. as it greatly helps narrow the search.

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