7th Edition American Boyers Index Project

As the historian works diligently on completing the final volume of unpublished chapters for “American Boyers” it is imperative for us to press on with preparing the index for publication. It is expected that we will have over 225,000 names in over 7,800 pages as part of close to 650 chapters of Boyer genealogy to index. At this point over 400 chapters are ready to be processed with the remaining to be added as volume 8 is finalized for publication. There is a potential that the index will span three volumes before it is complete and it is expected to have all of them go to publication at the same time. It is also planned to include a couple of appendices that will contain some of the information found in other parts of this website such as past reunion information, past presidents, Boyer patents, Boyers in the Military, etc. What will be included will depend on the amount of space available after the index is set. This is no small feat! Help is desperately needed to bring this project to fruition.

What Can You Do?

We are looking for volunteers who have copies of the 7th edition of American Boyers. We are breaking down the project based on the chapters in the books (not all are the same length). A volunteer would be given access to an Excel spreadsheet containing a single chapter. The spreadsheet will be sorted in order of the BoyerID which is how entries in the books are organized. The volunteer would then enter the page number for the corresponding BoyerID in the spreadsheet.

Not all entries in the spreadsheet exist in the books as additional data was added since publication of a specific volume. This is not a problem as it will still provide a future researcher with the BoyerID that they can use to find the correct chapter for other family entries.

This work is important as after the data is gathered the spreadsheets will have to be formatted for publication which will take an additional number of months. Your support would be greatly appreciated and those who do work on this project will be acknowledged in the publication of the index.

If you are interested then let us know by clicking HERE for the contact form, choose “Volunteer” and let us know in the Subject line that you are looking to help with the “Index Project”.

Lastly this page will provide an ongoing status of the project so we know how we are doing.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Index Project Progress Status

Volumes Complete
415/416 Chapters
210,964/229,430 Names
status as of December 1, 2020

These graphs show the current status on the indexing project and do not include the chapters or name counts for the forthcoming Volume 8.  These numbers will be added once known. Updates will be applied at the end of each month or if a significant amount of work is completed. We hope you will take the time and provide us your assistance on this project as over 11 person months of work have been spent up to this point.

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