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William Boyer

President, Association of American Boyers, Inc.

Unveiling of the new and improved Association of American Boyers website with many changes and new additions of information and content

We hope you like the whole new format to our website. Our other site had not aged well and it was time to do a major overhaul. The result is something we hope is a useful and interesting site for you to visit. Our plan is to provide continual updates to content as it becomes available. Any significant changes will be tracked with update articles  to be found in News in the menu..

So what are some of the big additions???

Table of contents for the 7th edition published volumes are now online in easy to read PDF format.

Tons of information about our past reunions is now available. Plus there will be more to be added as time permits as we capture the content, prep it, and post it to the web site.

Projects that you can help the Association to complete. This is found in our Get Involved section of the site.

And… Helpful links to other sites that may assist you in your research.

If you think there is something else for us to add or you would like to provide us some feedback (we would love to hear from you) then use our Contact Us page to send us a quick message.

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