Reunion Announcement Media Project

As we are all aware the dispersal of information has expanded from notices in newspapers or mailers to the Internet cloud and social media. In the past the Association would mail letters to a list of newspapers and magazines in areas where there was a larger concentrations of Boyers. Over time many of the companies have gone out of business or merged with others. Since we do not have a designated public relations person (we would love to have one) our list is woefully out-of-date.

If you would be interested in creating an updated list of news and media outlets with the steps on how to have information about our reunions posted then please let us know. If you have ideas for how to further promote the Association and its mission by other means, then also get in touch with us.

If you are interested then let us know by clicking HERE for the contact form, choose “Volunteer” and let us know in the Subject line that you are looking to help with the Reunion Media List Project.

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