The Association has a large volume of interesting and useful information gathered over the years. Until recently much of it has existed in various forms of ephemera which has not been digitized due to time constraints. With concerns that some of this could be lost to time we are making an effort to rectify this situation. Watch for changes in the News section of our site for updates on what has been added.

Our Resources contains a number of subsections which are briefly summarized here, but more detail can be found when visiting each section.

Books – Information on past and current editions of “American Boyers”

Newsletters – Information on past mailers and newsletters of the Association

Memorial Lists – Information on past published memorial lists of the Association

Gallery – A variety of media from various sources including reunions. For now it is pictures, but plans are in place for audio and video resources in the future.

External Links – The Association website contains links to other websites that may be of assistance in your genealogical research. Those websites are not maintained or controlled by us, and the Association is not responsible for the content of those websites.

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