Upcoming Reunions

Welcome to our page for news on upcoming reunions both those sponsored by the Association and other regional or local family reunions. In the past local reunions were also announced in the Boyer newsletter to get the word out to family members who may be in different parts of the country. We would like to continue that tradition here using our web site which can reach out to more potential attendees.

If you are interested in advertising your reunion or have reunion questions just let us know by clicking HERE and choosing “Reunions” for the category of interest. We will have the ability to include pictures, directions/maps, etc. for your announcement.

Association of American Boyers Anniversary Reunion

Check HERE for the latest news on this year’s anniversary reunion. If a reunion is planned then the details on location, date, agenda, amenities, and such it will be found on this page. For the most current updates on anything Association related check our News archive HERE. Any reunion related post will also point back here for details (location, times, program, etc.) as they become available.

Local/Regional Reunions

Let us know if you have any local reunions that you would like to let distant relatives know about or some long lost family that you may have lost track of over time. When sending your information be sure to minimally include contact information, date, location, costs (if any), plus anything else you may think will be important. If you have a flyer or announcement sheet you would like to share we can include that too.  Either use the contact form HERE or send us an email. We look forward to hearing from you.

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