Boyer Music Project

Are you musically inclined? Do you compose music? Read On!

You may be surprised to know there are currently at least six songs that have been authored as either lyrics or music for the Association. These have been staples at the reunions in the past. To not lose these we are looking for help in bringing these to a new generation by transposing musical notation and/or recording the music to an audio file for listening on the website. The following songs are currently known by the Association:

Boyer Song – tune unknown, author unknown, Found in 2nd reunion news clipping

Boyer Song – sung to the tune “America”, author unknown

American Boyers – sung to the tune “The Church in the Wildwood”, author Charles G. Boyer (BA262119H), 1985

Song of American Boyers – sung to the tune “The Red, White, & Blue”, author Clara A Beck (AT51522)

Boyer Song – sung to the tune “Amici”, author unknown

Association of American Boyers March (1931), author Thornton Barnes Boyer (AL1221)

The ultimate goal is to have audio MP3 files of each of these songs with appropriate accompaniment where needed. The Association has PDF copies of the manuscripts or music obtained from the original sources or found on the Library of Congress website.

The march has not been heard in over 80 years and only with a piano. We would like to have someone review the music and look for any potential errors as the original author mentioned in correspondence from 1932 it may need to be cleaned up and we do not know if we have the final “good” copy. On a larger scale we would think it would be great if someone took on the task to expand this into a full band arrangement befitting of a march.

There are a number of software products that can generate a MP3 file for listening. MuseScore (free), Sibelius®, and Finale® are some of the top ones and can create a standardized file that can be used to generate a MP3 file and they all allow the composition to expand for other voices and instruments.

If you are interested then let us know by clicking HERE for the contact form, choose “Volunteer” and let us know in the Subject line that you are looking to help with the Boyer Music Project.

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