Paxtang Park

Harrisburg, PA (Dauphine county)


The only reunion of the Association was held in 1923 at the Park. Paxtang Park was a 40-acre trolley park near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. It existed from 1823 to 1929 between Derry Street and Paxton Street along Spring Creek. The park contained two roller coasters, the Coaster Flyer and the Jack Rabbit, picnic pavilions and walking trails.

Google Maps link to park location

Interesting Note: [The location referenced on Google Maps is the Rutherford House which was part of the estate that was used for the basis of the park.  If you look to the east of the House between Paxton St and Derry St under I-83 you will see a pond and Spring Creek and that empty area was the approximate location of the park]

An interesting article from the Electric Railway Journal of 1908: “The park is situated in a district of great natural beauty and the constant effort of the park management has been to retain this inherent advantage by soliciting only the patronage of the best classes of people.”

What follows is a table of the past reunions held at this location in chronological order. If available, you can click on entries for images and/or PDFs of the button/ribbon, reunion photos, the program, mailer/newsletter, and any newsclippings that have been collected.

Past Reunions at this Location

Reunion Year Button/Ribbon Photos Program Mailer Clipping

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