Rocky Springs Park

Lancaster, PA (Lancaster county)


The 1918 reunion was held at Rocky Springs near Lancaster. Rocky Springs had many attractions, starting with a dance pavilion and growing to have dozens of rides, including four roller coasters in its history. The park was boarded up in 1966. It was bought in 1978 and restored at a cost of $1 million, but that revival only lasted until 1983 as the result of low attendance. Condominiums were later built on part of the property. A municipal park of the same name comprises another part. Though service to Rocky Springs ended in 1947, the trolley station remains in the area today with a few other mementos. A bed and breakfast has been developed on part of the site of the former park and retains some of the buildings from the past. Their site has some pictures of the area and can be found HERE.

Rocky Springs Park web site

Google Maps link to park location

When visiting the Google Maps location and turning on the satellite  view you can see pieces of the former park. Look to the upper right and you can see the original carousel building (minus the carousel). Also look the the lower right for the curved building. This is the former trolley station and you can just see the curve of an old rail bed. If you look at the park entrance postcard above you will see the connection.

What follows is a table of the past reunions held at this location in chronological order. If available, you can click on entries for images and/or PDFs of the button/ribbon, reunion photos, the program, mailer/newsletter, and any newsclippings that have been collected.

Past Reunions at this Location

Reunion Year Button/Ribbon Photos Program Mailer Clipping

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