Sanatoga Park

Pottstown, PA (Montgomery county)


The Association held the 1926 reunion at Sanatoga Park in Pottstown, PA. The park still exists as a nature park along with a band shell, ball fields and other amenities, but the amusement park is long gone. Included below are links to a couple of sites with interesting stories and pictures of the park in its heyday. Some of the pictures also are found in our carousel above.

Google Maps link to park location

Here are some interesting articles and sites about the park.

From the Sanatoga Post: Roller coaster article #1, Roller Coaster article #2

A very nice web page from the Lower Pottsgrove Historical society with additional pictures and information about the park can be found HERE.

What follows is a table of the past reunions held at this location in chronological order. If available, you can click on entries for images and/or PDFs of the button/ribbon, reunion photos, the program, mailer/newsletter, and any newsclippings that have been collected.

Past Reunions at this Location

Reunion Year Button/Ribbon Photos Program Mailer Clipping

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