Schuylkill Park

Pottsville, PA (Schuylkill county)


The 1922 reunion was held at Schuylkill Park, also known as Dream City. This park located just outside of Port Carbon was called both Schuylkill Park and Dream City. It was a popular destination in the 1920s and 1930s. It contained a roller coaster, dance pavilion and other rides. The park appears to have gone out of business in the late 1930s, as some articles say The Dips ride was in the park only until 1937. We have been unable to find pictures or postcards of the park so far.

Google Maps link to park location

[Note: This map link points to a former business called the Dream City Diner, but the park existed across the road from this location]

Some interesting articles and video that point to some additional history about the park can be found at these sites:

Port Carbon Borough History

The Republican Herald about the diner named after the park (mentions the park briefly) HERE.

A YouTube video with footage of the coaster at the park HERE.

What follows is a table of the past reunions held at this location in chronological order. If available, you can click on entries for images and/or PDFs of the button/ribbon, reunion photos, the program, mailer/newsletter, and any newsclippings that have been collected.

Past Reunions at this Location

Reunion Year Button/Ribbon Photos Program Mailer Clipping

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